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One "Polaroid" integral film image of the title “Innocent” included in the book “Finding Lost Time”.   

A global collaboration of forty six photographers. 

Editor, Andrew Conroy, Southport, UK.

Follow up exhibits organized by the “Terra de Ningu” Photography Collective @
Can Basté Civic Center. Barcelona, Spain.
Botanic Gardens Museum. Southport, UK.
Format International Photography Festival. Derby, UK.
Edgehill University Exhibit. Lancashire, UK.


Full cover layout of a "Polaroid" integral film image titled “Bale” for the annual "State of the Industry" issue of “Trot” magazine.

Published by Canadian Standardbred Racing. Mississauga, Ontario.



CD jacket cover for the group "Muldoon Who"  located in Toronto Canada. The release is titled "Bone tired".

Photo: "Polaroid" integral film titled "This way".


Songwriter - Mike Muldoon 
Producer - Luke Muldoon 
Mastered by Andy Krehm 


Digital,  promotional hair fashion portraits.

Film / Video,  director of photography for Daybreak Films.


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